Some of our work

Commercial & New Construction

Satori 1 by Melatti7000 boul. Newman

PF Concordia W+D Inc. provided modular window assemblies and patio doors for all condominiums of the Satori 1 project by Melatti Group. Our Tribrid Modular Window Assemblies, CA 221/LT were the ideal choice for this luxury condominium project. Interior and exerior aluminium, a 100% virgin PVC core, and energy efficient thermos provide a modern, high quality feel, while maintainting excellent thermal properties.

Residential & Rennovation

PF Concordia W+D caters to residential and rennovation clients by supplying a diverse range of window assemblies for all budgets and styles that we manufacture to exacting standards.

We also offer a wide range of patio doors and an steel doors, many of which can color-matched and coupled to our window assemblies. This allows us to offer an almost limitless set of configurations for our residential and rennovation clients.

Nearly limitless configuration options for residential and rennovation clients

Our Hybrid window assemblies, CA 221 are a popular choice with residential and rennovation clients. These windows are versatile and can be colour-matched and coupled to patio doors by Decko TM.

Entryway doors by Novatech TM are are availble in a vast range of styles, as single or rouble doors, and with optional top- and side-lights to complete any rennovation project and complement your new windows.

Hybrid casement operator
CA 221
Hybrid casement operator
CA 221
Urbania patio door
VOG entryway door